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DDF Network is yet another porn mega-site, offering huge promises and decent pricing to entice you to become a member.

Review published on Dec 6 2016 – Last update on June 1 2107

Another mega-site, DDF Network promises twelve-plus updates weekly – that’s just under 2 updates per day, in case you don’t want to do the math –, video resolutions going all the way up to 4K UHD, large galleries completing most videos, well over two thousand models, and a library that’s strong enough to certainly compete, at well over fifteen thousand clips, all organized into fourteen or more individually themed sites. That’s an vastly impressive set of promises. Never fear, though. We’ll examine them carefully for you.

A huge list of features

There’s a lot to recommend DDF Network for here. The update schedule goes above and beyond, and that’s certainly welcome and appreciated. The variety of models is, similarly, absolutely superb. The sites’ themes themselves are incredibly diverse, and most of the content is in 1080p, with more 4K trickling in over time, and the galleries that come with most clips are large both in terms of number of photos and in terms of a very satisfactory resolution. Navigation is also surprisingly well-designed and useful. Hold on, however, there’s more to the other side of this particular coin.

Drawbacks also exist here, of course. The older content does suffer in it’s quality, as is all too much the usual case. A small number of the individual sites have also stopped updating, and that’s something we never like to see. We hope that these sites resume updating soon, but in the meantime, they will affect our conclusion on DDF network. However, that effect will be minor. The prices they charge are also very slightly high in the marketplace as a whole, but their library does make up for that.

On top of European porn

At the end of the day, DDF Network comes through on far more than enough of their promises for us to simply ignore the ones that have been left by the wayside. What they’re actually offering is a stupendous value for the price, and the variety alone would be enough reason to recommend DDF Network for the next empty spot on your porn subscription list. There is of course a lot more reason than simply variety, and there are caveats here, but in the end the equation really is simple from our perspective.

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DDF Network Pros and Cons

Most videos on offer here are in 1080p HD already.
4K UHD content is beginning to trickle in of late.
Navigation and usability are surprisingly good for such a large site.
Excellent, laudable update schedule.
Large and professional galleries attached to nearly every clip.
Superb variety in niches.
Wonderful variety in models.
A few sites have ceased updating.
Price is slightly high.
Quality on older content suffers some.

Some of the most rated DDF Network models


DDF Network members area

DDF home
DDF home
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DDF models
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DDF top videos
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The Brand

DDF is an European network composed by 14 sites, each focusing on a different niche: from hardcore to lesbian, masturbation, and big tits, all in HD quality. The most famous sites in the network happen to include: 1 By Day, DDF Busty, Hot Legs And Feet, Only Blowjob, Hands On Hardcore, House Of Taboo, Girls On Girls, Euro Teen Erotica, Eve Angel.

DDF screen



  • Number of videos: 15500+ Movies;
  • Average lenght: 20 minutes;
  • Max resolution: 4K;
  • Update frequency: 2 daily;
  • Number of galleries: 15000;
  • Pics x set: 120+;
  • Number of models: 2000+;

Pricing and Billing

2 Days: $
1 Month: $
3 Months: $
12 Mo.: $
72% OFF



  • 96%
    Quality - 96%
  • 97%
    Updates - 97%
  • 94%
    Navigation - 94%
  • 90%
    Speed - 90%
  • 87%
    Price - 87%

Total Rating

There are a few minor concerns here, but they are absolutely overwhelmed with the glut of excellence that DDF brings to the table. If they revive their no longer updating sites sites, their score might go to 95%, but we'll wait and see on that concern. For the moment, DDF Network earns a 93% from us – well worth your money.

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