Dog Fart review

Dog Fart is the premier name in hardcore, interracial porn, and they’ve earned that status.

Review published on Dec 6 2016 – Last update on June 13 2107

The first that should be mentioned about Dog Fart is that, although it is a mega-site with multiple niche sites, there is absolutely a single overriding theme, and that theme is, quite simply, interracial porn. If you don’t enjoy that, well, you were warned this early in the review. If you do, we certainly have a treat for you: Dog Fart promises an exclusive library of almost five thousand videos, with the majority in HD, most clips coming with a large gallery, and almost fifteen hundred models.

The features

Much of that is, simply put, very true. There’s a lot to like here. The majority of content is HD, with newer videos in 4K. The older content is in surprisingly nice quality for it’s age, too. It’s good to see that Dog Fart is still growing too, with an average of five updates every week. Navigation is very good (with two exceptions we’ll come to), and the galleries haven’t been ignored at all, instead being some of the nicest on offer. Even on top of that, Dog Fart allows downloading, so you can pull your favorite clips in MP4 in case of internet outage.

There are only a few problems to point out, and they are all minor. First, one or two of the network’s sites have stopped updating. We never like to see that, but sometimes it’s simply a fact of life, and most Dog Fart sites are still going strong. Also, browsing the entire collection is not an option – you have to browse by each site individually – and there’s no advanced search whatsoever. So, yes, Dog Fart could improve, but the fact is that these drawbacks are very much minor concerns, even together.

Best in interracial?

Simply put, Dog Fart is the premier provider of interracial porn, and they’re offering a service to match that status. Therefore, we’re of course going to recommend Dog Fart – but note that the strength of our recommendation certainly could improve if they chose to address the few drawbacks that exist here. If you have any interest in interracial, Dog Fart should certainly be on your list. If not, then Dog Fart probably isn’t for you.

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Dog Fart Pros and Cons

Large library of excusive, interracial hardcore content that’s difficult to find a match for elsewhere.
20+ themed network sites.
Most clips in 1080p, but they’ve started rolling out 4K.
Older content doesn’t get quite as bad as you might expect from other networks.
Galleries are very nice.
Downloading allowed, mostly in MP4 format.
Very reasonable update schedule.
Browsing can be done by individual sites only.
No advanced search whatsoever.
A few sites no longer update.

Some of the most rated Dog Fart scenes


Dog Fart members area

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Dog Fart home
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Dog Fart models
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Dog Fart movies
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The Brand

Dog Fart is a huge network composed of 23 individual sites. They have specialized in interracial hardcore. Some of the high rated sites in the network: Black On Blondes, We fuck Black Girls, Cum Bang, Cuckhold Sessions, Blacks On Cougars.

Dogfart screen



  • Number of videos: 4500+ Movies;
  • Average lenght: 25 minutes;
  • Max resolution: 4k;
  • Update frequency: 5+ weekly;
  • Number of galleries: 3700+;
  • Pics x set: 200;
  • Number of models: 1300+;

Pricing and Billing

1 Day: $
1 Month: $
3 Months: $
12 Mo.: $
72% OFF



  • 93%
    Quality - 93%
  • 87%
    Updates - 87%
  • 89%
    Navigation - 89%
  • 84%
    Speed - 84%
  • 91%
    Price - 91%

Total Rating

We're going to award Dog Fart with a score of 89%. They are the premier provider of interracial porn, and they deserve that status. If Dog Fart put some effort into a few more improvements, however, we could see that score rising a number of points.

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