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HardX attempts to bring you new, high-quality hardcore with benefits that the rest of the industry won’t bother to bring you.

Review published on Dec 6 2016 – Last update on June 7 2107

HardX is a newer site, one that hasn’t had the time to build up a large library. But what it has built up certainly lives up to the promise built into it’s name, and that at least, we are encouraged by. We were surprised by the very nice offer that HardX brings to the table, but there are drawbacks. Let’s begin digging into the details of what’s good and what’s not so with this relative newcomer to the online porn marketplace.

The features

The library is all very high-quality stuff, and on top of that, it’s all in proper 1080p HD so it’s going to look great. Further, there seem to be about two galleries of professional photos associated with each individual scene. Not only are these galleries coming in at an average of two hundred photos apiece, the individual photos are all nicely high-res. Beyond that, the website is well-designed, with good navigation and usability features, with one exception that we’ll get to. There’s a surprising amount of good to talk about for such a new site.

There are some drawbacks that we do have to talk about. First, the library is small – as of this writing, HardX has significantly less than a thousand videos that are on offer. And that library is sadly not going to increase much anytime soon, as HardX only updates twice weekly. These are relatively minor concerns, we’ll point out. There’s a lot of good there to balance these drawbacks effectively out of the picture, so you need not be terribly concerned about them unless they specifically come across one of your personal requirements.

A great deal

When we come down to it, HardX actually makes a great deal for your money. The library, though small and not updated as frequently as we’d like, is full of some of the highest quality porn available, and the site is refreshingly well designed. Additionally, two large galleries per video makes a significant positive difference, especially given how high-quality they are. HardX earns our recommendation, and does so with startling class. There are many, many worse ways that you could spend your subscription money and still think you’re getting a good deal.

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HardX Pros and Cons

The entire library is in full HD, 1080p.
Not one, but two galleries per scene, well above the norm.
Two hundred high resolution photos per gallery.
Site is surprisingly well-designed.
All scenes here are very high-quality porn.
Library is small – this is because HardX is still a new site.
Update schedule is not as frequent as we would prefer to see.

Some of the most rated HardX scenes

Hard X
Hard X

HardX members area

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HardX home
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HardX models
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HardX movies
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The Brand

HardX is a fresh new porn site with the some of the newest content online and some of the best models on the Web. It can only boast a small library as of yet because it’s pretty new but the collection contains only full HD content.

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  • Number of videos: 300+ Movies;
  • Average lenght: 40 minutes;
  • Max resolution: 1080p;
  • Update frequency: 2 weekly;
  • Number of galleries: 600+;
  • Pics x set: 200;
  • Number of models: 150+;

Pricing and Billing

2 Days: $
1 Month: $
3 Months: $
12 Mo.: $
20% OFF

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  • 92%
    Quality - 92%
  • 81%
    Updates - 81%
  • 87%
    Navigation - 87%
  • 89%
    Speed - 89%
  • 89%
    Price - 89%

Total Rating

HardX is a little difficult to score, due to the size of their library, but also the fact that they are relatively young. We settled on awarding them a score of 88% – they are definitely up-and-coming and it looks like the service that HardX offers, already very good now, will only improve with time.

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