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Hustler was the king for decades, in print – can they keep that crown online, with hardcore movies?

Review published on Dec 6 2016 – Last update on June 13 2107

Hustler’s a very well established, very big name in porn, so it merely makes sense that they’d have a porn mega-site of their own, of course. With a magazine that’s been a household name for decades under their belt, can Hustler make the cut in the world of the internet? Or has the marketplace evolved beyond even this big name? We’ll find out with this review, of course. Read on, and learn whether Hustler still rules, or whether they have fallen from the throne of porn.

The Features

The site encompasses around twenty individual niche sites, with a nice variety of themes and topics. That’s certainly good. The content library has also surpassed twelve thousand, counting clips and movies so there’s definitely no lack of porn here. There are galleries, however not nearly as many as there are scenes, and the pictures in them are at an appreciable resolution. The update schedule is very nice too, with a (somewhat unpredictable week-to-week) average of ten videos added every week.

However, there are some drawbacks here as well. Hustler doesn’t seem to be interested in full HD, as the largest content is in merely 720p. That’s often called ‘HD Ready’ as a marketing term, but it’s noticeably smaller and less sharp than true HD is, at 1080p. Further, the lack of focus on galleries will leave many customers unhappy. Most videos do not have galleries at all. However, these are far from the biggest issues we’ve seen, and they certainly aren’t major.

A good choice

In the end, there are certainly some minor issues but the content itself is good. If you need a new porn site for your subscription list, we’re sure that you won’t go wrong with Hustler. On the other hand, you need to be aware of the drawbacks that are embedded in this deal before you buy in, so that you can be certain that not one of them is a deal breaker for you. Hustler isn’t the king of porn anymore, but they still make quality, enjoyable stuff, and still offer a pretty good deal for your money. Our recommendation is absolutely earned by Hustler.

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Hustler Pros and Cons

Huge library of excellent, exclusive content.
Excellent update schedule.

Movies and clips both.

Large variety of theme sites.
Some streaming issues.
‘HD’ here is only 720p, most competitors have moved on to full HD 1080p.
Old content tends to look pretty bad on modern computers.
Most videos lack galleries.

Some of the most rated Hustler scenes


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The Brand

Hustler is a network composed of 18 individual sites, as a whole pretty specialized in hardcore porn and movies. Some of the most famous sites in the network are: Anal Hookers, Asian Fever, Bossy Milfs, Hottie Moms.

Hustler screen



  • Number of videos: 12000+;
  • Average lenght: 25 minutes;
  • Max resolution: 720p;
  • Update frequency: 10 weekly;
  • Number of galleries: 4500+;
  • Pics x set: 70;
  • Number of models: 2500+;

Pricing and Billing

2 Days: $
1 Month: $
3 Months: $
12 Mo.: $
67% OFF



  • 87%
    Quality - 87%
  • 89%
    Updates - 89%
  • 88%
    Navigation - 88%
  • 87%
    Speed - 87%
  • 90%
    Price - 90%

Total Rating

Hustler earns a 88% from us at the time of writing. There are some minor issues with the deal they offer but we recommend them, in part because they own a huge library of content and a big name in the porn universe. They're not the king anymore, but they are still absolutely great at porn.

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