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JAV HD promises to be the best source of Japanese porn on the internet, and they have a great library to back that up.

Review published on Dec 6 2016 – Last update on July 4 2107

JAV HD. That name’s fairly well known as the name of one of the best providers of Japanese-model porn on the internet. Their library is spread across 16 clearly themed sites, and how large that library is will almost certainly shock you. It certainly shocked us, and we do this reviewing thing professionally. There’s a lot of good here to talk about before we even get into what’s not so great, so let’s get into the review already.

The features

With over five and a half thousand videos, JAV HD’s library is certainly a huge strength, and many porn sites would call it a day and go home at that point. We’ve reviewed several sites that apparently said ‘enough’ and stopped updating, in fact.Not JAV HD, though. Their multiple daily updates certainly speak to that. The content is also uncensored, a rarity in Japanese content due to certain restrictive local laws. There’s even more good than that: most of the content is in full and proper 1080p HD, so it’ll look fantastic on most modern devices. There are also over three thousand galleries in addition to the scenes. Navigation and other features are also fairly well implemented, with only a very few extras lacking.

There are some minors drawback: the galleries could stand to be higher resolution, and the site lacks an advanced search engine. The galleries could use higher resolutions, certainly. Some of the content also isn’t exclusive. These are all fairly minor complaints, I’ll point out immediately. There’s nothing majorly wrong here, and that in itself is a major strength for JAV HD.

A nice choice

At the end of the day, if you’re into Japanese women, JAV HD is for you. And if you need another porn site on your subscription list, and find Japanese women alright even if they’re not a special focus for you, JAV HD is still for you. It’s hard to imagine someone who wouldn’t find something to enjoy in the over five thousand videos on offer here. There’s far too much here for us to simply wave JAV HD as a porn site that’s OK not to consider, and so our recommendation is as strong as it can be. This really is one of the best sites we’ve ever looked at.

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Jav HD Pros and Cons

Shockingly frequent updates ensure that this library will always be large.
Library is already quite large, and you’re unlikely to ever see it all.
Most content within JAV HD’s library is in proper 1080p HD already, and is sharp, clear, and enjoyable to watch because of it.
The best Asian models across the entire Internet.
Not all content is properly exclusive, so it might show up elsewhere.
Search is only equipped with a basic engine and therefore basic options.
Galleries could use better resolutions.

Hottest Fellatio Japan scenes – Jav HD subsite

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Jav HD

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Jav HD videos
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Jav HD models
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The Brand

JAV HD is a huge network composed of 16 individual sites. They claim to, and often do, offer the best asian porn models in the whole web. Some of the network sites are Amateur AV, Pussy AV, POV AV, Hey Outdoor, Lingerie AV, and Hairy AV.

Jav HD screen



  • Number of videos: 2400 Movies;
  • Average lenght: 35 minutes;
  • Max resolution: 1080p;
  • Update frequency: 1 daily;
  • Number of galleries: 2150+;
  • Pics x set: 65+;
  • Number of models: 625+;

Pricing and Billing

3 Days: $
1 Month: $
6 Months: $
12 Mo.: $
67% OFF


  • 91%
    Quality - 91%
  • 93%
    Updates - 93%
  • 84%
    Navigation - 84%
  • 87%
    Speed - 87%
  • 82%
    Price - 82%

Total Rating

JAV HD was an easy one to rate, earning a very, very deserved 87%. We don't expect porn sites to bend over backwards to reach some silly standard – we just want them to be good porn sites if we're going to recommend them. JAV HD's recommendation comes quickly, when all the details are on the table.

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